5 Days to Break Free From Past Limitations
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What to expect during the challenge:

🤔 Think of it like "a mindset reset" 😃

For each of the 5 days you get... 
1. 📧 An email with instructions for each day
2. 🎥 15- to 20-min video lesson each day
3. 📚 A workbook activity to get you immediate results
4. 💻 A private Facebook group for extra support
5. 📄 A personalized roadmap for happiness, success, and joy
6. 🕐 No pressure. Self-paced. Available on your own time. 
7. 🤚 Access to me all week for additional accountability and support
🏁 Finally get to that place in your recovery that you want to be!
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What makes your best path to a Thriving Recovery?
Every person who has struggled with compulsive behaviors or past addiction traveled a different life path to that rock bottom. 

Similarly, each person must travel their own unique path to find their best recovery. 

With this Total Freedom Challenge™, you will find the specific tools, inspiration, and support to reach your highest potential in recovery. 
Theme 1: 
Find Missing Pieces
Every individual's journey to their best recovery requires different resources and guidance. If you're not where you want to be, find the missing peice to your recovery plan.
Theme 2: 
Purpose & Joy
Life can be draining; especially a life in recovery. We must learn to tap into purpose, passion, and joy if we want to fill the void, recharge our spirit, and experience a thriving recovery. 
Theme 3: 
Leverage Strengths 
You can focus on your failures and defects or your wins and strengths. Which do you think will lead you to greater success and higher potential? 

     You're in good hands...

"[Completing the Total Freedom Challenge™], I was encouraged. I was reminded that within me I have the ability to achieve happiness, success, and freedom in my recovery. Thank you Garret for providing me with tools to help me understand that I am capable, and I deserve goodness in my life today.
- Brandon H., Recent Challenge Participant

Last chance to Begin the Total Freedom Challenge™ today 

*I hadn't planned on offering this as a free challenge. However, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted a lot of people -- especially those in recovery. I don't want more people sucumbing to old habits to cope with recent challenges so I am making it available to everyone for no charge at this time. 

The Total Freedom Challenge™ not only addresses the core issues experienced by people in recovery during more "normal" times, but the models and principles you learn to implement will allow you to navigate your recovery through these tough times with greater emotional resilence, self-confidence, and stability.  

It's so comprehensive and valuabe, I may yet decide to charge for it - so act fast. 

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